The Democratic Party rebrand

The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with the Republican Party. They strive to make a better America for all citizens, aiming to increase the number of jobs, achieve equal pay, attain affordable education and health care, advance human rights, and promote clean and sustainable energy. The Democratic Party is about all citizens getting an equal shot playing by the same rules.  

The brand strategy includes a strong and bold advertising campign that is impactful to the mass public to engage a broader audience about the core values and issues to the Democrats.



Client: Self-Initiated

Skills: Color Theory
           Brand Identity
           Logo Development
           Brand Guidelines
           Advertising Campaign
           Voter Registration
           Marketing Assets
           Social Channels

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The intention of the Unite America ad campaign for The Democratic Party is to quickly grab citizens attention showing the important issues to the Democrats and what they stand for. Also encouraging to get citizens to get out and vote.


Get Out and Vote campaign is to encouage and educate citizens to register to vote. It is important to have your voice heard whether you are a Democrat, Republican or anything in-between. Occupying permanent buildings and transforming them into spaces specifically for voter registration, voter education and volunteering.


To stand out in such a place the messaging needs to be prominent, clear and strong. Having bold typography on contrasting backgrounds help emphasize the importance and immediacy of the Democrats values.


A more mobile version of the voter registration is available and ready to go. Consisting of a various banners, a representative and registration information. These mobile pop-up voter registration booths can be placed virtually anywhere to help motivate and rally the electorate.