Local Assembly

Local Assembly is a theater arts festival that changes the way the public accesses and enjoys theater. The festival is an innovative solution for urban communities and the theater industry. Local Assembly produces original alternative theater that is socially, culturally and artistically relevant and presents this work in unique spaces to local audiences.

We give stage to unused passionate local talent. Every season, Local Assembly changes locations, showcasing new original work, using all local talent. We know the younger generation seeks and wants unique experiences, so Local Assembly is structured to create new and engaging experiences for them.



Client: Self-Initiated

Skills: Brand Identity
           Logo Development
           Brand Guidelines
           Advertising Campaign
           Signage + Wayfinding
           UI/ UX
           Print Materials
           Marketing Assets
           Social Channels


The brand identity for Local Assembly began by defining keywords to inform the design direction. Community, accessibility, dynamic, bold. The final solution is inspired by the diverse expressive nature of live performance visualized by many different forms, weights and sizes of typographic characters to create a fun recognizable visual language.


UI/UX Design by Trevor Giove, Motion by Usman Fahimullah

The Local Assembly user interface component is an organized multifunction platform for the audience member and performer to stay connected. It is a place to gain information about the productions, ticketing, cast bios and a social platform to connect, review and comment about your theatrical experience.

Local businesses can partner with local assembly to access this platform to push offers, opportunities and experiences for the audience to attend pre and post show events.

Lighting plays a very important role on any stage, creating mood, tone and drama. All theater wayfinding and signage are light projections and will be seen on the exterior and interior of the venue space.

Using light projections reinforces the immediacy and dynamic nature of the Local Assembly experience. Projection graphics also gives the maximum amount of flexibility and economy for this fluid theatrical experience.

Marketing Local Assembly includes a smart poster campaign promoting the productions and events and is tied together with the consistent fun and bold visual language of Local Assembly. Another aspect of immediacy of this festival is the poster. This smart poster allows people to scan and see a fun typographic animation using augmented reality and be able to purchase the show tickets instantly.